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Why is the price so low, compared to other mirror installers quotes?
At Affordable Mirrors, we buy in volume & deal with only 3 sizes of large mirrors. This allows us to keep our overhead expenses down and pass the savings on to you.

Can you come to give me a quote?
We sell large mirrors by the sheet, and with your rough measurements we can quote a price, what size & how many sheets to best for your project. With a few questions we can work out most quotes over the phone, unless your project is really different .

What if my measurements are wrong?
Affordable Mirrors brings a big enough mirror to your site, measures the space & cuts the mirror to fit. All mirrors are custom cut on location to fit your needs.

What form of payment do you accept?
All jobs are CASH or CHECK upon completion of the job. All jobs take about 1 hour per mirror.

How long is the lead time on a order?
We always have mirrors in stock. Based on your location and deadline needs, your project can be done in 1 to 3 days of an order.

What if the mirror is to big?
All work is done on site. We will trim (cut) to your needed size.

Will you come to my "out of the area" job site?
Based on your location and deadline needs, we will work together to get your project completed on time.

There is a ...vent, outlet, plug, etc. on the wall I want to put a mirrors on, what can I do?
Affordable Mirrors offers cut-outs for vent, outlet, plug, lights and L-cuts for a small fee. The more cut-outs in a mirror the weaker the mirrors becomes and increases your chances of cracking in the future.

Hope these questions have helped you to understand how easy it is to mirror you walls... Affordable Mirrors, "HUGE Mirrors at Affordable Prices".

Affordable Mirrors Specializes in Large Mirror Installations for
Professional Gyms, Yoga and Dance Studios, Commercial Businesses
and Residential Homes.



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